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Code of Conduct


As per Oregon statutes a private club may set a code of conduct as outlined below. Violations will be assessed by the Coaches, Safety Officer and Board of Directors who comprise the Safety Committee. If action is taken against a player, up to and including removal from The Club, the decision is final. There is no forum for rebuttal and fees will not be refunded. 



BWWPC has established a standard of behavior for all registered athletes of the club. Each member must understand that during participation in club practices, events and tournaments, they are representing their club and community. There Will Be No Unacceptable Behavior, including but not limited to:

● Any act that would be considered an offense under federal,state or local law or rules 

● Unsportsmanlike conduct toward fellow players,coaches, officials and other members of the team. 

● Possession or use of illegal drugs,alcohol or tobacco of any form. 

● Bullying or sexual harassment of any kind. Each athlete is expected to: 

● Conduct him/her selves in a responsible and respectful manner. 

● Encourage his/her teammates at all times. 

● Respect the policies and property of hosting pools. 

● Respect the property of others, whether public or private. 

● Exhibit Outstanding Sportsmanship Towards Allplayers. 

● Acknowledge that a breach of or failure to abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct May Result in disciplinary action, including one warning with a suspension.The second offense can lead to expulsion for the season or from the club. 



Bullying is defined as verbally or physically injuring or threatening another player. BWWPC does not condone any form of bullying, including physical,verbal,or emotional abuse, towards a member of the club or anyone encountered during club-related activities. Such Behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 


Consequences of Bullying

If a member is found to be engaging in bullying behavior, they will be immediately suspended from club and removed from any club-related activities. Theparent or legal guardian will be contacted. Repeated incidents of bullying may result in expulsion from the club. BWWPC will make every effort to maintain confidentiality during the investigation and disciplinary process of bullying incidents. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to involve outside authorities. 



BWWPC will not tolerate the consumption or possession of alcohol, drug paraphernalia, illegal substances, or use of tobacco products whilst engaged in representing the club. For clarification, activities that involve illegal substances at any time shall be considered an infraction that could result in suspension or removal from the club. An illegal substance shall also include prescription being used or taken in a manner inconsistent with the medication labeling. Drug use includes smoking and vaping tobacco and/or marijuana and eating marijuana products. BWWPC will not conduct drug or alcohol testing. The determination of substance use will be based on reporting an observation of behavior. 


Consequences of Drug or Alcohol Use 

If an athlete is caught using drugs or alcohol or any other illegal substance the athlete is to be suspended from the club, and immediately removed from practice or competition. The parent or legal guardian will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made to have the athlete sent home as soon as possible. The BWWPC will use every effort consistent with the circumstances to keep drug and alcohol disciplinary procedures confidential. 



Coaches made decisions based on what they believe to be best for the players and for the team. If you have specific concerns about your child's participation, behavior, or interactions with other players, or if you would like information about coaches' expectations/philosophy on how your child can improve, talk with a coach in person (not by email) by making an appointment. Do not attempt to talk to coaches while they are coaching, as their focus must be the players at that time. Under no circumstances should parents discuss team strategy or playing time with coaches. If your child has concerns regarding playing time, he/she should discuss this directly with a coach, who will provide recommendations on what improvements your child needs to make in order to increase playing time. Under no circumstances should parents discuss the conduct of any player other than their own with players or other parents. 



All team members who have achieved the basic skills needed for competition will have an opportunity to play in games against other clubs. BWWPC will attempt to identify or create opportunities for games for both developing players and competitive players, and coaches will notify players and parents whether upcoming games are developmental or competitive. At developmental games,coaches will attempt to provide athletes with equal playing time, subject to adequate athlete fitness levels. At competitive games,coaches will work to involve each athlete as much as possible, but playing time is at the coaches’ discretion and is not guaranteed. Teams for competitive tournaments may have limited roster space, and team rosters may be selected by coaches based on players' practice attendance, attitude during practice/games, and skill level. 



Players may sometimes choose to practice or play with other teams in order to increase playing opportunities. BWWPC will allow such players to continue to practice and play with our team, provided that the players do not compete against our team or miss a team event in order to play with another team. If a player changes his/her registration to another team, BWWPC will have sole discretion as to whether the player can continue to practice or play with our team. It is BWWPC’s intention to keep its players unified in our club in order to build and maintain an excellent team environment. 


No signature is required on this document. Your consent is implied as a participant of any BWWPC program or activity.

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