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Have fun, Play hard.


Bend Waves Water Polo Club is dedicated to cultivating exceptional water polo players who possess strong character both in and out of the pool. Our goal is to introduce the sport to young players and develop their skills, while also providing advanced training for more experienced athletes to reach their maximum potential.

Inclusivity and Equality

Every member, regardless of the school they attend, their past experience in the sport or current skill level should feel welcomed, valued, and equal. We aim to foster an environment of personal growth and love for the sport.

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Respect, fairness, and integrity in and out of the pool are paramount. Winning is important, but playing the game the right way, with honor and character, holds precedence. We want to demonstrate sportsmanship within our water polo club and project sportsmanship as we interact with other water polo clubs.

Growth Over Immediate Competitiveness

Our primary focus is on program growth. We believe that fostering a strong, expansive, and inclusive foundation will naturally lead to a competitive edge in the future. We also believe that taking advantage of programs that are already competitive and setting them up for future success is in the best interest of our club and current member families.

Dedication to Water Polo

We prioritize the advancement of water polo skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm within our community.

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